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01 October 2008 @ 08:55 pm
Is there anyone alive out there???  
Is this comm still under construction? Is it even active?

I was wondering if we could maybe liven things up a little around here. I know that the series is over, but that doesn't mean that we can't still have fun. Maybe we could have some fanfic/art challenges, weekly discussions? Maybe we could watch an episode each week and then discuss it? Start with Promethius Unbound, then Avalon, Avalon part 2, Origin etc... Whaddaya say? Such an interesting character deserves a more active community, right?
Rebeccaimwithrebel on June 2nd, 2009 03:29 pm (UTC)
I know you posted this forever ago, but if you're still interested in trying to liven things up around here, I'd love the help. :) I made this community and hoped to make it nice and all, but then college got in the way. But now that I'm done, I've got a lot more free time and would love to spruce it up.